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Innovative services offering proven and adapted solutions for our clients. Created by IT experts, our services meet the highest standards of the industry.

IT Recruitment

How to spot the perfect IT candidate for your company? Leave this task to our experts: they will ensure that a qualified and motivated candidate joins your team!

Consulting services

The constant evolution of technology gives you a hard time when it comes to adapting it to your business? You can rely on our advisor expertise to get custom and gainful advice!


Take control of your company’s data analysis. Thanks to the know-how of our IT experts, we are offering a brand-new platform: FLAIR!, a simple application customized on the needs of each company.

Consulting services

Stratégie et planification


Let’s plan together your performance optimization by developing and implementing a digital strategy that will enable you to achieve your business goals!

Livraison de projet


Do you need a serious change in your IT environment? Let us meet your needs by choosing and integrating a new system for you.



Do you take full advantage of your IT environment? Do your business methods optimize your performance? We’ll help you set up the ideal procedures based on the best practices of the marketplace!


Want to optimize your business methods? FLAIR! : a customized and complete platform that simplifies your business activities.
  • visualisation intelligenteSmart
  • Control and
  • Consolidation des donnéesData
  • analyse dynamiqueDynamic
  • systême personnaliséCustomized
  • systême de sécuritéSecurity
  • Learn more about FLAIR!
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Our business expertise

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    What would you do with the equivalent of an extra day of work per week?

    Your optimized working time

    Thousands of Canadian lawyers lose countless hours of work due to non-optimal business procedures. Reduce your administrative and paperwork time. Allow more time for your customers and to your main activities.

    A clear competitive advantage

    The growing market makes competition within the industry more and more aggressive. The implementation of new IT systems that facilitate and improve your business process represents therefore the most advantageous competitive option!

    Increasing profits

    With our services, you can now spend the extra amount of time gained in searching for new clients and developing growth strategies!

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    Do you work in the financial field? Do your technological methods slow down the productivity of some of your services?

    Additional services

    Coordinate all the services of your financial institution by setting up a simplified and modern technological environment. Simplify your business procedures and reduce your operating costs!

    Data kept safe

    We’ll select the tools and platforms that will guarantee the security of your data and those of your customers. We’ll help you get the best technologies from the market adapted to your needs.

    Development of the right strategy

    Tested and proven consulting services, efficient strategies, fast and consistent implementation: our IT consulting expertise with financial companies has been built over the years to provide the best services for every mandate we work on. With more than 18 years of experience in this field, we have been able to develop strategies adapted to the need of major players in the financial field.

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    Do you work in the pharmaceutical field? Do you think your business could be more efficient if your IT environment were improved?

    Increased productivity

    Does your time spent on administration, paperwork or data entry keeps you from focusing on the research, manufacture or marketing of drugs? Developing and planning a technological strategy in your company would greatly contribute to the effectiveness of each of your activities.

    Avoided errors

    Avoid data entry errors that could cause you trouble. Simplify all your procedures to keep track on your business activities.


    Regardless of the field you’re in, we will find the solution that will help you reach your goals!

    Our expertise, your performance

    • A paperless work environment
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Improved administrative tools
    • Guaranteed security of your business data
    • Increased productivity
    • Better targeted business objectives

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    Other fields

    Other fields

    No matter which area you operate, we will make each one of your activities simpler and more profitable. Developing or planning a long-term strategy in information technology, optimizing your business process or setting up a new IT environment: we will find the best way to meet your needs!

    Let’s start working together now!

About us

G2 Consultation: a consulting and IT recruitment expertise based on more than 18 years of concrete experience. In order to assist financial, legal or pharmaceutical companies, we always put forward our passion for IT and thus meet the needs of each of our clients in an efficient and professional way.

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Our 18 years of experience have helped make our company a specialized, professional and competent consulting firm. It is thanks to our clients’ trust that we can successfully fulfill our mandates.

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Simple and innovative solutions based on an 18-year expertise.
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