New approach in business decision-making for small and large companies.

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Focus on tasks that add value to your business and maximize your employees’ worktime. FLAIR! will give you an advantage that your competitors won’t be able to match!

An easy-to-use platform!

FLAIR! a brand-new decision-making platform! With its simplified and easily navigable interface, FLAIR! allows executives to regain control over their data. Dashboards, reports, graphics, everything is presented under the same platform.

Regain control of your data!

Control and customize access to your data

FLAIR! and its customizing access will give you the ability to take full control of your company’s data. FLAIR! provides information security without compromising the sharing and analysis of desired data between selected users in a highly flexible manner. The platform differs from the traditional “BI” that limits the reporting to a few insiders.

Secure access to your information!

Simplify data analysis

Don’t waste your time anymore! Gather all your data in one place and consolidate it efficiently! FLAIR! is responsible for presenting and classifying your data in order to optimize your working time. Make better decisions faster without worrying about the complexity of the data sources.

Optimize your work time!

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A dynamic platform!

Analyzing your company’s data from every possible angle has never been easier. FLAIR! organizes the data and creates links between them to allow complete analysis of a topic while navigating from one graph to another.

Make better decisions with FLAIR!

Customized system

With the wide variety of graphics available, FLAIR! simplifies report production. Don’t waste your time anymore with the creation and modification of data files: you can configure FLAIR! according to your need without the help of an IT department!

Simplify your report production!

Keep your data safe

The FLAIR! platform was first developed to ensure the protection of critical data and assets in your analysis reports. Easy to manage and specially designed to ensure the security of billions of records, the FLAIR! security console makes it possible to retain control of the authorized data. It also allows data transfers through a security rules engine. Moreover, it implements individual policies by the profile or group.

Protect your data with FLAIR!

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